Should we be made to pay for soy milk?

Are you a vegan? Do you have a lactose intolerance? or just not a fan of cow’s milk? Should we have to pay for our milk to be switched to soy?

Friday past I had stopped in town for a coffee with my mam, we decided to go into the cute little coffee shop on the high street, I had asked for a regular latte with soy milk and I was really angered when I saw the menu board “add soy milk… £0.35” I had to pay for my milk! Why should we still be made to pay for this alternative when cow’s milk is free in the coffees?

Up to 15% of the UK population are lactose intolerance; Lactose is the most prevalent sugar found in cows milk and dairy products, making up approximately 4.8% of the average gross composition of milk. So many people allegoric to this sugar in cow’s milk and being made to pay for the change in their order, surely that isn’t fair.


Veganism also is growing throughout the world; It is a lifestyle that avoids all animal foods such as meat, dairy, eggs and honey; animal derived products like leather; and, as far as possible, products tested on animals. There are half a million people in the UK defined as a vegan, following the cruelty free plant based lifestyle, so why are we still in some places made to pay for the switch in milks?


2 thoughts on “Should we be made to pay for soy milk?

  1. Not a vegan myself, but found your site very interesting. I don’t know if I could give up or afford to give up all that you have to to be a vegan. But I am tempted to give being a part time vegan ago. 😀

    I find it disgusting that you have to pay extra for your milk, not the same thing I know but I don’t drink black tea, I only drink herbal, and I find it annoying that it cost me more to have a cuppa when we are out.


    1. Hi- thank you! I hope my posts will help aid your transition into veganism- yes it can be annoying I sometimes just take black tea or peppermint tea but I don’t think its right that even in today’s time we have to pay extra especially so much! I understand that soy costs more to buy but with the increasing numbers using the milk it would just seem right. I hope your having a lovely day.


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