Vegan Xmas Gift Ideas!

Are YOU having trouble thinking of what is a suitable gift for a vegan at Christmas? Are YOU struggling to find items to give to a vegan? or have YOU simply not thought about Christmas yet?

Well as it is the 24th November exactly a month before Christmas Eve, I thought I would list a few handy gift ideas for those not knowing what to get a vegan at Christmas and where to get them. Think of it as your personal Gift List to the perfect Christmas gifts!

Below will list various ideas with a brief description, price range (I cannot be exact with prices as it varies in different locations) and links to sites you can find the items, hope it helps people.

For the chocolate loving vegans

  • Merry Moos Christmas Selection Box

Merry Moos Christmas Selection BoxThese chocolates are amazing! Four delicious, dairy-free bars – Bunnycomb, Cheeky Orange, Minty Moo, and Organic Original. The perfect treat for Christmas. Natural, organic and fair-trade ingredients. Price ranges from £3.99-£5.00 on Holland and Barrett Merry Moo and Animal Aid Merry Moos.

  • Montezuma Truffle Selection

Montezuma Truffle SelectionFor a more expensive selection of chocolates get your vegan this beautiful box of 16 outstanding, organic, vegan truffles. Contains four each of dark chocolate with Orange; Very Dark Chocolate; Almond Praline; and Coffee. Made by Montezuma’s Chocolates. Price ranges from £11-£12.99 on Animal Aid and  Montezuma

  • Kinnerton Deliciously Dark and Smooth Chocolate Mints & chocolate bars

The Just Dark Chocolate with Orange Bar (25g) has a citrus overtone ...

Kinnerton are passionate about making sure that their chocolate tastes absolutely delicious, has no artificial flavour additives and is manufactured in a nut free zone. So Just Chocolate is just that…real delicious chocolate. These are the perfect chocolate gift to give a chocoholic! Price ranges from £2.99-£12. Holland and Barrett Kinnerton chocolates.

For the cooking loving vegan

  •  Marble two-toned pizza paddle board

Made from super sleek marble and wood harvested from ancient mango trees, this two tone pizza paddle board is perfect for pizza making and serving. Handmade by wonderfully talented artisans, this is a real statement piece for any kitchen. As it is handcrafted, there may be some slight variations in colour. Wipe clean and do not soak in water. Price is £23.95 on Ethical Superstore.

  • Ice Cream Maker

4229227_R_Z001C.jpgTreat your friend to this Magimix Le Glacier ice cream maker. Makes ice cream as if you bought it from a store. This maker is £49.99 from Argos.

  • Tofu press

This is the perfect gift for the tofu loving addict, to press the water out of the tofu block without the hassle of building books on top of the tofu, this machine will save time and energy easily, it costs £24.99 on Amazon.

For the girly vegans

  • Amethyst Mist perfume

Amethyst MistThis is the perfect gift for the woman who loves her “smellys” at Christmas, the perfume has a deep rich floral smell to it made by the company Dolma. It is 100% vegan, cruelty free and not tested on animals, you can find this item on the Animal Aid website along with a range of different smells costing £39.95.

  • Sweet Christmas gift set

Add a sprinkling of sweetness to Christmas with Rock Star soap, bubblegum bubbles from Snow Fairy shower gel, and to top off this tantalising trio, how about magical moisture courtesy of the Snow Fairy herself in Snow Fairy body conditioner. Thanks to the amazing store called Lush, this gift set costs £13.95.

  • Full Spectrum Eye shadow palette


Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette in color

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