Unnecessary use of animals in new fivers!

The new five pound note released in September in the United Kingdom gained a lot of publicity and everyone gained an interest in them because they are tough,they don’t tear. And you can put them through the washing machine and they will survive. Although the problem lies within the fact they contain animal fat.

Unacceptable-  There is no need for it!

The company Innovia who provide these plastic £5 notes used traces of tallow- a substance derived from animal fat typically from a cow in the production of the plastic polymer. The use of animal fat in this plastic has outraged many across the country causing angry Vegans and Hindus etc. to sign petitions to remove this substance from the plastic polymer and for the production process to be changed; which has attracted over 100,000 signatures and rising.

Trupti Patel, president of umbrella body the Hindu Forum of Britain, says the revelation that the new five pound note may contain animal products is “totally and utterly unacceptable.”  It goes against many people’s religion and beliefs, such as in Hinduism- Hindus believe cows are holy and sacred and they do not wear, carry or eat anything from a cow that has been slaughtered, a number of Sikh and Hindus have urged temples to ban the use of these notes. Even some Vegans argue it is against their Human Rights – “what consideration was given to vegans & their human rights?” was wrote by a Vegan on Twitter.  This new note really does give a new meaning to the old phrase “Blood Money.”

Turning point

The Bank of England yielded to the angry people of the UK, Governor Mark Carney said “We are aware of some people’s concerns about traces of tallow in our new five pound note, We respect those concerns and are treating them with the utmost seriousness. However the central bank said it did not know about the “issue at hand” when they signed the contract for the new notes. And now the company “Innovia is working intensively with its supply chain and will keep the bank informed on progress towards potential solutions.”

Result for the Vegan, Sikh and Hindu community! Stick together and anything is possible.

Stay Green!x


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