Top 5 Myths of Charity/Thrift store shopping

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted”

Shopping second-hand has gained such a stigma in today’s age, that many people will turn up their noses and walk pass that charity store to the high end expensive store beside it. When did it become a bad thing to buy something that had a previous home before hand? –  So I decided to write on the topic, to ‘debunk’ the myths of the second-hand shopping, Getting into the zone I decided to listen to Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- such a tune and major throwback to 2012! Thanks guys.

If we can re-listen music, why not reuse other items? I was brought up getting hand-me-downs from my older aunts; at the time I hated but I realise now it was such a good thing, it avoids the clothes being sent to the dump or clothes bank. Did you know that the fashion industry is a major contributor to pollution both in the ground and the air? Approximately 65 pounds of clothes a year in Britain are improperly disposed off and only an eighth ends up in charity shops. Lets start shipping our clothes (along with other items) to charity stores for a re-home, start to realise our living habits are killing our precious environment.

Regular second-hand shopperClose the loop - extended overview

I shop at second-hand stores (but of course I also buy new items at regular stores) because I follow the cycle known as ‘close the loop’, giving an unwanted item a new home for my own personal use.

When I am ready to give it another new home I will give it to a charity shop for someone to use or make into something they want, the same goes with items I bought new and do not feel have any more relevance to me.It saves sending them to the landfill dumps adding to the damaging effects on the environment; plus wouldn’t you say it’s fun to make things out of different items got from the store (ie. buying a demin jacket & adding your own patches to it or cutting shorts out of “mom” jeans.)

The Myths

‘It’s only cheap because it’s in bad condition’

This is not the case, many stores have items that are in great condition even many never used items with original labels on them still. Some even have designer brands & in good condition- you just have to know where to look for them.

#Tip- Always check out the new in table for some items these are the ones that are usually in the best condition (in some cases.)

‘Ew! All items at charity stores are smelly’

It is highly likely that your chosen item is going to smell used, it’s not a newly made item so why should it be a problem? we do have washing machines; chances are that muggy used shop smell will go away once you wash it. (I bought a used ACDC t-shirt from an online second hand shop it smelt like cigarettes but after a quick wash it was gone & smelling like me!)

#Tip- But if it smells like flesh rotting; its likely that smell will stay so maybe give that one a miss.

‘It’s not really a bargain’

This is definitely one that’s incorrect, it’s always a bargain! You just have to be patient to find your bargain, whether your there for clothes, furniture or kitchen bowls etc. There is always one, give it some time.

#Tip- Go either early in the morning or late in the day; this is when the assistants put out their ‘newly arrived’ items on the shop floor.

‘You must be poor to shop second-hand’

Oh my goodness! This is one that’s rather  annoying, because you shop in these stores it is assumed that you must be poor or just cant afford ‘nice’ things. Do not think this; shopping/ donating second-hand is great, not only are you helping the planet by avoiding sending that item to the dump, you also get a bargain AND to meet some friendly people in the store. Own the fact you shop at charity stores- you awesome individual.

#Tip- Never feel as if you’re poor to be shopping here; keep doing it! Going to the store and picking out a project to dig into is totally fun.

‘Vintage items are rare to come by’

Like the bargain one explained above it’s all about patience; you have to check a lot of stores, know the times to visit, and know what you believe to be ‘vintage’. If you’re like me and love digging through piles of clothes this will be so much fun for you- make it a mission to get a vintage item; you will be surprised by how cheap it is. (Personally I came across a pair of Levis ‘mom’ jeans for £5 which made awesome shorts for summer) Patience is a virtue!

Some of my second-hand items from charity stores


Top left: Primark grey shirt(new with tag), (Nike) sweatpants and 3 books.                     Bottom left: umbrella, weights, shirt (New Look) and scarf (Primark)


I thought I would share with you just a few items I got from these stores, one even has the original tag on it! I love buying books second-hand its a great option cheap & in my local charity store they do a ‘trade’ service so when you’re finished with your book trade it in for a different one for free! Definitely try it out if you are a book lover like me.


I know many people will have disagreements with me and my points above, but these were my top 5 views I believe to be nonsense simply in my personal experience as a regular second-hand shopper, which I thought I would share. If you do have any views comment below and let me know, I would love to hear them.

#StayGreen Namaste.xx

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