My Teenage Idol!

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I was listening to a playlist on Spotify which shuffled to a song that reminded me of my childhood; it inspired me to write a post on my high school idol. So here it is. What was the song you ask? Well it was Born this Way by the wonderful Lady Gaga. Yes, Lady Gaga was  is my idol. She is such a great songwriter, basically every single song of hers I know off by heart. I love and will always love her music (I do prefer rock music but Gaga is such a guilty pleasure.) Not only do I love her music but the real person behind the scene; she is an inspiration. The younger 13 year old me was loving how Lady Gaga was being her quirky, different self, standing out in the music industry; you know she was Born this way. 😉

I just knew back when I heard her songs for the first time in 2010 that she was someone I could look up too in my life; I’ve had problems with understanding who I was meant to be growing up from being so outgoing through a tomboy stage climbing trees, playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and football with the boys to being that typical teenage girl wearing makeup 3 shades darker than my skin tone simply wanting to fit in with everyone in school but why? What was so great about being a sheep? Nothing I tell you- I just felt lost like I was someone else. Reading magazine articles about Lady Gaga, seeing her videos on the TV screen she was always in these quirky outfits; with her head held high not caring about the haters; who wouldn’t admire that trait! I envied her for that.


But I loved her for it, she made me realise I just had be myself. You don’t need to fit in with the crowd. I started doing what I wanted to do. I stopped with the tacky makeup, got braces because I hated my teeth, started following the religion I wanted to; which was Satanism (no I am not a devil worshipper, let me know if you want me to write a detailed post on it) and stopped hanging with the people that were no good for me- started a new friend group with a bunch of great people like me weird, nerdy and hilarious. Became best friends with this  amazing girl and after 6 years of friendship we still are close. Well as close as you can be when you are in different countries, haha.

The journey through my self-discovery was long and I’m sure there will be more difficult choices ahead but right now I have accepted who I was meant to be from the start; a vegan environmentalist with crazy hair colour and with a love for animals and humanity. I’m now on the right track baby! I was born this way (pfft totally not lyric dropping here) I just believe that having no regrets and simply loving yourself for who you are, you’ll be set in life.

Although Lady Gaga isn’t vegan; she is still one of my idols because she has owned who she is, she is an incredible ambassador for self-esteem, and writes excellent music; especially her new album Joanne; it’s like she has stripped back to connect with her fans as Stefani not Lady Gaga as such to show the heart of Stefani, with so many personal songs that have such deep meaning to her, Like the song Million Reasons, it resonated so much with me as soon as I heard it. She had written it about how everyone gave her a million reasons to let go but her monsters gave her a million to stay. I do believe that I was giving myself a ‘million reasons’ to let go but with the right people around me and following the things I wanted to follow I then had a ‘million’ to stay. Gaga has always been the woman I looked up to throughout my teenage years & I do know that she will continue to be through my adult life as well; everything she has gone through in her past and yet she still is successful nothing stopped her achieving great things; you can do the same. Definitely a role model for young girls (anyone in fact) struggling with accepting who they are or in a rut not knowing who they are; always remember to be yourself no matter what; you were born to survive! Fly your freak flag high!

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Love Leigh

15 thoughts on “My Teenage Idol!

  1. Hi! I loved this post and I totally agree with you! I remember when I was really young like, 8 or 9 Lady Gaga was always in the news for some strange outfit or one of her new songs. I used to think that she was a bit weird but now I realise that actually she’s just different and wants to show it and I think that there should be more people like her in the media. People who aren’t afraid of being a black sheep.❤️

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  2. I totally feel you! I was (and still am) a massive fan of Lady Gaga too! I love how committed she is in what she believes and how amazing are all her songs, clips and creations. Her love of herself is something that particularly appeals to me. When i was doubting myself, listening to hers songs would make me feel better right away! xx Corinne from Corinne & Kirsty


  3. Born This Way really is a perfect song — life is just so much more worth living if you’re living it authentically! I’m a big believer in letting your freak flag fly, and I’m glad it’s brought so many positive things to your life to embrace who you are!!


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  4. Aw that’s so nice ~ it’s lovely to have someone to look up to that have contributed so much to your life, even know you do not know them personally. I’ve always loved Gaga’s music new or old but will always adore my Fame Monster album the most ❤ xx


  5. Charlotte

    Love this post! She’s such a great role model, there should definitely be more people in the media flying the freak flag and teaching people to embrace their quirks. Thanks for sharing a great post!xx


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