February Favourites


I’ve read quite a few of these types of posts over the last few months so I’ve finally decided to do one of my own- here it is. My very first favourites post for the month of February, how exciting. So I will try do these at the end of every month to show you what I am currently liking. So lets begin!


I’m currently loving giant chocolate buttons from  the free from range at Tesco; they taste amazing! and super cheap too only £1.50 for a bag; or you can get the smaller packets for 40p. As a chocoholic I do thrive to find good quality chocolate to indulge into while reading a book or watching a tv show. I know these are not very zero waste & that’s what I was trying to do but when you get a chocolate craving you cannot ignore it am I right?


Suki Tea- this stuff is the best tea I have ever tasted! The company is locally based in Northern Ireland which is great. Keeping that Carbon Footprint low! The tea is fair-trade & vegan friendly packed in a little cute brown bag which I adore it’s so cute. I have been enjoying drinking this while reading my book or watching some of my favourite TV shows at the minute.

Chicago Fire ☆ - Chicago Fire (2012 TV Series) Wallpaper (34534296 ... Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars logo

So I do have a lot of favourite TV shows I watch; such as Supernatural I am such a SPN fan its crazy! But I have recently started to enjoy a range of different TV shows not just the supernatural/ drama genres. This month I have started to enjoy the reality show Marriage Boot Camp; I would usually pass on watching reality shows but this is so gripping it shows how celebrities are not perfect in very aspect of their lives. Another favourite TV show I got so into was Chicago Fire; I absolutely adore this show I love how the show pulls you into it make it feel as if you’re apart of the fire house family- Definitely give this a watch.


My favourite item of the month is my new hemp purse; the colours are amazing! super light and portable a lot smaller than my other one- which means less rubbish kept in it yay! I cant wait to use this a lot more only thing I dislike is how my bank card doesn’t fit into the card slots.



I’m completely addicted to Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm; I usually never like pop music but this song is so catchy and addictive- I now love it! And sing it all the time, thanks Katy!



This book is amazing! So factual and makes you think about the history of the world and how we have developed to the way we are in the 21st century. I am currently only a third of the way through the book so I have a lot more to read which makes me happy- learning is great expansion of the mind gives us understanding of the world and people. So far its a great purchase and I can’t wait to read so much more.


My favourite post to write this month was the letter to my nan- she passed away suddenly in 2015 & I wrote this letter to let her know about the things she is missing right now and my feelings. I was able to release the emotions I was holding onto and I admit I cried so much writing it I could barely see the letters on the keyboard. You can read it here.


This was my favourite project of the month I embarked on- I used old t-shirts and vest tops I was going to donate to make produce bags little drawstring totes to use at the shops instead of the plastic they give you! I found a new love for hand sewing I found it very relaxing and I have created about 14 bags so far- I have scrap fabric left over from these so will try to make some more to save the waste! It was a really fun project.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first favourites post- I shall do a March one next month because I have enjoyed writing this and taking photos of some of my favourite things- I do have others if you would like to see my skin care favourites I can totally create a whole different post on that. I have some more interesting plans for March so hopefully March favourites will be a little better to read. What are your favourites this month? tell me in the comments below.

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