Taste Test | Quorn Vegan Nuggets

So I have been eating wholefoods- Fruits, Veggies, Grains & Legumes. Nothing processed for about 3 months; it was great because I got too experience making my own meals from scratch which before I didn’t do as much. But now I decided to incorporate vegan processed foods back into my diet (only a little because it can overtake and become unhealthy).

The Quorn Nuggets was a great idea to start with! They were only ยฃ1.50 so quite cheap for vegan alternatives- I just had to buy them as part of my shopping. I was rather shocked by how much they resemble chicken nuggets. I got worried I just had to double check the ingredient list, haha.

So now the actual taste test!

I cooked them in the oven like the packaging says for 18 minutes honestly I always cook mines a little longer so I cooked them for about 25 minutes. They came out crispy and golden. Yay! I cut one in half and the ‘meat’ part of the nugget wow the consistency and colour was so similar to chicken its frightening how they can make something so like the real thing- kind of off putting for someone who has been so disgusted by the meat industries. The taste however was lovely! I enjoyed them so much it was nice to have the change- I don’t think they taste like meat which was great! I was terrified that they actually had meat in them, haha even though it states ‘Vegan’ on the packet.

These nuggets would be a great thing for those wanting to cut out meat from their diets but can’t give it up yet- these will make you think your having your McDonald Nuggets (but without the slaughter and un-healthiness) Hope you have enjoyed my little taste test post; I enjoyed eating the nuggets! Maybe I should do this more; gives me the excuse to eat am I right?

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Love Leigh xx

6 thoughts on “Taste Test | Quorn Vegan Nuggets

    1. Aw thanks Melina; yes there are so many options out there. I’m glad to help out & yeah I don’t think you can get Quorn in the states but there will be something similar that offers meat free options. Love Leigh xx

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