Until Every Cage is Empty

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“People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Have you ever been on holiday and had gone to a marine park, circus or entertainment show focused on animals? Did you ever consider the abuse that these animals go through in order to ‘entertain’ you? We claim to love animals and want to be closer to them therefore we think that paying into these places can make you closer to them, but think about it in the wild have you ever seen an elephant let a human ride on it? or a person smile for a selfie with a tiger? Probably not these animals are not domesticated. What about your beauty and skincare products? Do you use products tested on animals? MAC beauty items are tested on precious little bunnies- your matte lipstick is not worth their pain! This goes for so many more brands that test on them; such as L’Oreal, Clinique, Dove & Vaseline etc.
Your money is paying for their abuse!

I know that through our childhood we were brought up going to the zoo or the circus with preforming animals; I’m not claiming to be perfect, I have gone to these places in my lifetime. I’ve just personally woke up to the awful truth about these industries and have decided to not participate in them for the animals sake.
I love animals and always have done.

I was about 16 years old when I decided to completely stop participating in animal abusing industries for entertainment* (I turned completely vegan when I was 18.) Though as a child I had always loved animals and wanted to be as close to them as I could. Going to the zoo, I found this innocent and that the animals were looked after well and had almost natural settings, with a child-like mindset I’m sure all of us thought this. But I soon learnt differently. Many of these animals in the zoos are kept in small enclosures, with little room to roam ‘freely’. Of course there are many people in the Zoo Debate who will disagree and say that animal enclosures are big enough for the animal to survive and be happy, or that the zoo is a conservation place for animals in need.
That may be true in some cases, but very few cases!

The abuse that takes place in zoos is actually disgusting, Did you see the problem in a zoo in Norway a couple years ago? A beheaded zebra carcass was feed to tigers in an enclosure; yes I know tigers are carnivores but surely these animals they claim to be ‘conserving’ are important too, so why feed that precious zebra to the tiger, especially in such a inhumane way (the images were brutal & it publically displayed in front of paying visitors.) I think that an animal in captivity should be on a vegetarian diet but in my honest opinion I do believe that no animal should be locked up for their lifetime for human entertainment, they should be released back to their natural home.
A life in a cage is a life not worth living.

The same goes to the likes of Marine Parks and Circuses; animals do not belong in these places; they are not ours to use as we please! BlackFish documentary shows the damaging SeaWorld conditions that Orca whales are put in and live until the end off their lives. It is heart-breaking knowing people like you and me have took this precious animal out of its home its natural surroundings and forced the poor thing to perform for food and sentenced to a life of misery in a tank or cage in the circus.

We need to do more for these precious creatures because I know when I put myself in their shoes I imagine how they are treated as if it was me and if it was wouldn’t that be classed as abuse? Wouldn’t the circus or marine park owner be charged even sentenced for creating harmful situations and inflicting abuse on another human- why is an animal different? Do all lives not matter? Animals may not be human but they have emotions, they have understanding and many are intelligent; what sort of message are we sending them that all humans are vile people? That we lock up animals for our personal entertainment? I know we all are not like that- some have compassion; lets finally wake up and learn- these places are not where our incredible creatures belong!

Going back to the beauty products & even cleaning supplies- many of these products are tested on animals and I guarantee that you use at least one of them in your daily life. The animal is locked in a cage for their life to have samples of chemicals put onto their skin giving them pain and constant suffering. Why is this acceptable in this day and age? I wish everyone in the world realises that we don’t need to have our products tested on little defenceless animals.

Here are some of the brands that you may use that still test on animals in 2017!

These companies STILL test on animals.

Now here are some of the brands you can replace the ones above with

Cosmetic Brands That Do and Don’t Test on Animals | Her Campus

Fight Until Every Cage is Empty!

Love Leigh xx


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11 thoughts on “Until Every Cage is Empty

  1. I love when you write posts that are so enlightening. I am not as educated about this type of stuff, but it is something we should all be talking about! I actually bought myself a reusable water bottle after reading one of your posts. You have made a difference in my life, and you will continue to do so xxx

    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com


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