Travel Bucket List


For me I believe that experiences are much more meaningful than owning materialistic things in life. So I plan to travel around the world throughout my life- because why live to work and not work to live? We should see places and experience cultures. This post will list some of the places I want to travel too. I will be posting another list of places I have already travelled to soon.

Enjoy my list of countries & some activities I want to do in them.

The List

  1. Backpack in Japan
  2. Hike through Costa Rica
  3. Melbourne Australia
  4. Berlin- Germany
  5. Backpack around Thailand
  6. Visit the Amazon in Brazil
  7. See the Northern Lights in Iceland
  8. Rome- Italy
  9. Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru
  10. Visit Salem in USA
  11. Explore the temples of Angkor in Cambodia
  12. Visit the Taj Mahal in India
  13. See the Grand Canyon in USA
  14. Trek the Himalayas
  15. Set foot on Antarctica
  16. Walk the Great Wall of China
  17. Visit Easter Island
  18. Do an American roadtrip
  19. Shop at the Christmas Market in Prague
  20. Visit St Petersburg & Moscow in Russia
  21. See Ayers Rock in Australia
  22. Travel to the Maldives
  23. Shop in New York City USA
  24. Explore the wildness of Denali National Park Alaska
  25. See the volcanoes in Kona Hawaii
  26. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  27. See Stongehenge England
  28. Ski in Switzerland
  29. Chill in the ice hotel in Sweden
  30. See the island of Zanzibar just off the coast of Tanzania
  31. Camp out in Kenya National Park
  32. Explore Yellowstone USA
  33. See the Pyramids in Egypt
  34. Relax in Croatia
  35. Hot air balloon in Turkey
  36. Drink Cuban coffee in Cuba
  37. See Mexico
  38. Go to Chicago Illinois USA
  39. Read in Trinity College Library Ireland
  40. See the Tower of London England


Are these similar to what is on your travel bucket list? Or have you already been to these places? Let me know in the comments below; I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Hope you have enjoyed reading this & link your travel bucket lists below if you have posted any I would love to give some a read.

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Love Leigh xx

30 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List

  1. lolitambonita

    Thats a huge list! The one you have that I dream of is to see The Northen Lights. Rome and Croatia are stunning places. However the best is Zanzibar I would make that the top of your list. I was there to welcome the Millenium.and it was incredible. If you like seafood the beach BBQs are insane! X
    Lola Mia //


  2. This is such a perfect list! I actually see myself going to most,if not all these places myself but with a baby-I don’t think so! but maybe a little family trip to Disneyland is on the cards when shes older xx


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    1. Thank you sweetie; I do have some trips planned for this year so far, I am seeing places around my home country (Ireland) before moving away & I am planning to see Stonehenge & Tower of London in September. Do you have any travel plans?


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  8. I’ve managed to do 4, 5, 7, 8, 23, 27, 40, but still I want to see many more. I will be travelling through Japan in August too, I can’t wait! I love how detailed your list is! x


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