Minimal Carry on Packing


Hey all, its me again! Today I am sharing with you all what I pack to go on a week long trip. Very minimal, Zero Waste and all in a carry on! Sounds like a challenge right? Well this post will show you that packing does not have to be that much of a challenge & that you don’t need to bring your whole house with you!

So today I am flying over from Northern Ireland to England to visit my boyfriend & too see the university I will be studying at in September- exciting times! So I usually always and I mean ALWAYS leave my packing to the last minute and no surprise I have done just that this time; I first packed way to much ‘stuff’ & decided that I didn’t need half the things I was bringing with me so I unpacked and packed again for the second time. Now I have a much more minimal bag.


Ok starting with my clothes that I will be taking- I decided that I would only take 12 items of clothing with me (not including my underwear & pjs) For 7 days that is quite enough!

So firstly I have:
black ripped jeans
black leggings
pair of trainers
grey turtle neck top
What I will be wearing on the plane:
grey bomber jacket
white crop top
mom jeans
black coat
black ankle boots
mustard colour hat


So I decided to not bring a lot of beauty items because at home I don’t use a lot of them so what would be the point; not every minimal now is it? So I have put it now to the bare minimum that I will need. I won’t have to put these into a clear plastic bag as the items are not liquid therefore saving plastic that way. I can use the soap to clean my face, body & hair so that cuts out any unnecessary items. Tongue cleaner is a must bring for me it is my new favourite item & if you are into oral hygiene you will know what I mean when I say a tongue cleaner is the best!

List of items I shall be taking:
bamboo toothbrush –  from Save Some Green
toothy tabs – from Lush
lip balm- from Superdrug
tongue cleaner- from Amazon
‘Outback Mate’ soap bar- from Lush
‘From Dusk til Dawn’ massage bar- from Lush



Flying with Ryanair they allow you to bring a carry on overhead bag + a handbag for us ladies; so I decided to bring one along with me this time- I am using my nan’s bag that she loved to use before she passed away. It was big enough to hold the things I need to bring to ensure my travel is as much zero waste as possible. I have never travelled as a zero waster before so this will be my first time trying to pack for that.

I will be bringing;
eco stainless steel lunchbox (gifted to me by Slice of Green- I will be posting a review for this box when I return from my trip)
reusable straw
Glogg steel water bottle
reusable shopping bag
my purse that is made from hemp
my passport
Guns Germs & Steel book
phone (which will contain my boarding pass- zero waste aspect here; no need for paper printing when the app allows you to download a boarding pass to your phone)


I hope you have enjoyed reading what I have packed for my week long trip. I also have to mention I will be taking my phone charger & camera in my carry on bag. I always get the feeling I have forgot to add something to my bag- but I usually always end up with everything I need & more. So I am hoping this more minimal aspect (in a way) will help with future packing I may need to do. Of course I realise that the lunchbox and straw items are not very minimal as not everyone will use these but for a zero waster these items are a necessity to ensure no waste is generated.

What do you pack in your bags for travelling? Let me know in the comments below. Could you take less items than me? If you are going travelling soon challenge me see if you can take less than 12 items of clothing! Tag me in your posts using @sophialeighblog on Twitter & Instagram or the hashtag  #GreenieVegan. I have enjoyed writing this I hope you have enjoyed reading & let me know if you do want to challenge me.

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Love Leigh x

2 thoughts on “Minimal Carry on Packing

  1. Wow – I’ve never considered trying to pack minimally before. I always chuck as many clothes as possible into my suitcase and wear a different outfit during the day and the evening when I’m on holiday. But this was such an interesting and good read!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to do this as well haha but its so annoying carrying so many items that i dont need- so i decided to try a more minimal way. It makes you feel like you know what you have. But thats just me hehe; will you try a more minimal packing aspect? 💕 x


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