Things You Didn’t Know About Me

As I am still new to the blogging scene; I’ve noticed as a blogger, you have to engage with your readers & your readers want to feel as if they know you as a person. So I thought I would share some facts about me that you previously did not know; until now! Enjoy this!


I was told I wasn’t musical enough to be a violinist; my gramps wanted to prove them all wrong so he took me to private lessons & 10 years later I’m still playing, been in 3 orchestras played in many concerts & had done 2 solos.

My family are country people so I grew up listening to Kenny Rodgers & Dolly Parton.

I taught myself how to belly dance

I have a slight squint in my left eye

When I take my glasses off I can only see outlines of items

I had to learn Sign Language at a young age then took Level one just there 2 years ago

Took a course in Equine Care to get over my fear of horses (now I love them)

I had my first kiss when I was 12

Downed a glass of Vodka thinking it was water

I mimed for 5 years in an choir

I’m a massive Disney fan; Aladdin being my favourite!

Supernatural is my all time favourite TV show

I know all the words to  All Star by Smash Mouth

I watched my nan die

I tried learning Japanese last year

I’m obsessed with penguins

I had my finger trapped in the door (the side of the hinge) & had the skin ripped off

I have a massive fear of the ocean

Someone tried to drown me when I was young

I’ve always been best friends with guys

Horror movies make me laugh

Lee Evans was my favourite stand-up comedian

I didn’t have hair until I was 3

I believe in aliens

A French guy kissed me in Paris & ended my “relationship” back home πŸ˜‚

I was going to be called Amber-Rose

I’m a chocaholic

I was a tomboy for most of my childhood

I have grown to hate makeup

Me & mam are like best friends 

I love to photo bomb people’s selfies 

I’m pretty neat at badminton

I’ve always had big thighs 

I played netball for 3 years in high school

Family is important to me; with everything we’ve gone through

I got lost in the largest shopping mall in Europe

I have a few half siblings who don’t know who I am

My granda was my father figure growing up & is like my best friend

I never felt the cold when I was younger

My collarbones are my favourite feature on me

So as of now; I bet you feel like you know me a lot better! I hope you have enjoyed reading these things about me, it was probably oversharing but hey why not! I’ve nothing to hide. Hope you have a great day; Tell me something about you that we don’t know in the comments below.

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Love Leigh x






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