Healthy Tofu Stir-Fry | Recipe

I have decided to do a series on my blog every Wednesday; where my fellow vegans or companies wishing to share recipes that you can adapt to be suitable for vegans will post their recipes & share their story. It shall be fun & I can’t wait to try all these amazing recipes I have been receiving for this series. Hope you enjoy!Beth's.jpg

Hi everyone! My name is Beth, super happy to be here on Leigh’s blog. A bit about myself; I’ve been vegan for a year now. I came to this lifestyle after my Dad suffered with a heart attack, just over a year ago. As someone overweight who shrugged off health, it was a real wake up call.
I took to the internet – google, youtube, blogs, anything to find some evidence of the healthiest lifestyle. I came across some vegan youtubers, who recommended some documentaries. I watched Vegucated and Cowspiracy, and well, the rest is history! A year later and I’m a passionately ethical vegan.

One of my favourite hobbies is cooking, and my repertoire of recipes and ingredients is much longer now as a vegan! The recipe I’m sharing today is free from oil, added salt, and can be made gluten free too. It’s my go-to for a super simple, quick meal that’s also healthy and delicious. Plus, at £1.46 per serving (excluding spices), you cannot go wrong! I prep this meal using the full block, which means leftovers for work lunches/dinners! If you’d like to find more recipes and photos from me, my Instagram is @bethcarrv


tofu stir fry.jpg

Ingredients (serves 3):
1 block of firm, pressed tofu
225g of brown basmati rice (75g per serving)
Stir Fry Vegetables*
Sesame Seeds
3 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (choose unfiltered, with the “mother”)
5 tbsp Soy Sauce**
1 tbsp Chilli flakes (alter this to taste, I like it spiiiicy!)
1 tsp Paprika

Notes * – I used a 650g frozen mixed bag of Stir Fry Vegetables for this, its quick, easy and cheap. You could also buy fresh mixed stir fry vegetables too. If you prefer to buy separately, I’d recommend: bean sprouts, mangetout, baby corn, pak choi shredded carrot and tenderstem broccoli.
** – I opt for low sodium. To make this recipe gluten free, opt for tamari. You could also sub for liquid aminos, or coconut aminos for even healthier (albeit more expensive) twist!

For the marinade:

Mix together apple cider vinegar, soy sauce/alt, chili flakes, and paprika.
For the tofu:

Ensure the tofu is firm, and has been pressed for at least an hour.
Cube to your desired size, and place in the marinade.
You could coat and cook instantly, or as I prefer, leave to marinade for around 2 hours. Save the leftovers of this marinade for later.
When fully marinated, coat the tofu in sesame seeds.
Once the tofu is coated, place onto a non-stick baking tray.
For medium sized cubes, bake at 200c (390f/gas mark 6) for 15-20 minutes.
Take out of the oven when golden crispy.
For the rice:
I use a rice cooker, but a regular pan works fine.
For brown basmati rice, opt for 450ml water (this translates to 1 cup of rice; 2 cups of water).
If using the hob, bring the water to boil, and add the rice, stirring.
Return to a medium boil, and cook for 20-25 minutes.
Other varieties make take longer (or less time), but a rice cooker is the way to go in my opinion!
For the vegetables:
Add a couple of tbsp. of water to a wok on high heat and add the vegetables.
Cook for 2 minutes, then add in the rest of the marinade from earlier.
Continue to stir and fully coat the vegetables in the sauce.
After 7 minutes, add the tofu and mix thoroughly.
At this point, you could add the cooked brown rice to mix together, or keep separate (depending on your preferred presentation!)

Plate up, and enjoy a homecooked, healthy dish!

Thanks again to Bethany for being my first guest post on my blog; and for sharing with me and my readers her lovely recipe for a healthy stir fry- which is one of my favourite foods to make. I can’t wait to give this a try. Please don’t forget to check out Bethany’s Instagram feed for more amazing recipes. Also be sure to come back next Wednesday for a different guest blogger sharing another amazing recipe.

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