My Top 5 TV Shows

We all have the TV shows that we absolutely adore & look forward to watching new episodes that gets released. I know there’s probably way more than 5 shows that you enjoy to watch maybe even binge-watch for hours on end (yeah I’m guilty of that! I’ve binge-watched a whole Supernatural season in the space of 2 days.) I wanted to do a post on the top 5 TV shows I’ve watched in the month of March. These are shows that I have recently caught up on, currently watch & really enjoy to watch them.

So here is my top 5 list I hope you enjoy.


This is a show which has been running for years; on its 12th season so you can tell how amazing it really is just by the length of time it has been running. I started watching this show about 2 years ago binge watching it for hours; I just fell in love with the Winchesters. I grew up watching Charmed with my mammy, always loved the supernatural & being spiritual these types of shows suit my taste well. For a long lasting show I would recommend Supernatural to anyone wanting to watch something different.


This is a new show to 2017! Something similar to Pretty Little Liars; a murder has happened in a small town and people are trying to figure out who did it. I thought it wasn’t going to do well at the start but I have become obsessed with this show so much! It really draws you into the story it’s trying to portray- Definitely give it a watch there are only 7 episodes currently so not too much to catch up on; they have announced a second season as well so it has become such a hit- with PLL ending in April this show could become the new PLL.


As I mentioned above I love the supernatural & monsters just everything related to the genre- and Grimm is one that fits into this genre so well. It is an adaptation of the stories written by the Brothers Grimm back in the 1800s- these stories were also adapted by Walt Disney in the 1900s changed into the Disney Princesses which have become such a big success. However back to the TV show Grimm- a detective in Portland OR learns he is a Grimm who can see monsters behind the human physical appearance & fights the evil ones etc. It was a drag in the first 2 seasons however season 3 onwards it began to get so much better- and I started to become so addicted to it and now it’s on season 6 it is coming  to an end unfortunately.

4.Chicago Fire

I love all the Chicago programmes (Fire, PD & Med- they are all created by the same person Dick Wolf) but Fire was the first one I got hooked into & absolutely LOVE! It is such a great show, you feel a variety of emotions throughout; laughter, shock, sadness, and happiness etc. The show is obviously about the Fire Department in the city of Chicago the day-to-day activities that takes place. It is an all round amazing show.


This is a TV show that at the start I was not too fussed on. But after a while I went back to it and I am currently really enjoying it; only on episode 5 so I still have a lot to watch but I am glad to have went back & actually enjoy this, I am sure it’s going to be a good one.

What are your top 5 TV shows you are currently enjoying? Do you watch these shows as well? Let me know what you think in the comments below- & do you have any suggestions as to new shows I should start watching? Hope you have enjoyed reading this post & have a great day people.

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9 thoughts on “My Top 5 TV Shows

  1. You’ve been telling me to watch Riverdale for a few weeks now, and I haven’t gotten to it, specially since House is leaving netflix in two days, and I’m trying to binge watch it! This is the next show on my list for sure though. I love the summary, you dragged me in for sure! Can’t wait to tell you all about it xxx

    Melina |


  2. Alixlouise

    I haven’t watched any of them shows and I feel disappointed with myself! I usually watch a new Tv Series every month but just haven’t had the time lately.. the only TV series I’m watching right now is The Walking Dead purely because it’s on once a week so I’ve got time for it. Other TV Series I’d recommend: Game Of Thrones, Bates Motel, Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Lost, Revenge, Power, Taboo, Peaky Blinders, Vikings!


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