Horse Racing is Animal Abuse

Most people regard horse racing as a harmless sport in which the animals are willing participants who thoroughly enjoy themselves. The truth is that, behind the scenes, lays a story of immense suffering.

As you all know I am against using animals for human entertainment so of course I would be opposed to the Grand National 3 day Event; betting on horses racing around a 4 mile track jumping over fences that could injury the horses badly is just cruel- many people this time of year think that putting a £2 bet on the horse badly named as ‘Rocky Creek’ to be the first one over the finish line at the end of the gruelling track is acceptable BUT think about it.. 48 horses have been killed at this event since 2000- that is way too many horses killed in 17 years; simply a cruel business.

We humans put 40 horses in a line to race around a track about 50 times jumping over hurdles; many of them famous for causing injury or even worse death- these jumps known as Becher’s Brook, The Chair & The Canal Turn. Last year alone at the Grand National Event 6 horses died or had to be put down due to fatal injuries; and another 10 faced the same fate at the other major racing event at the Cheltenham course last year. Surely making a horse jump a hurdle that causing death is wrong- why is it still included in the race? It is animal abuse; Simply kept for human entertainment. Which is disgusting in my honest opinion. The number of horses dying at these events is totally unacceptable!

Even Animal Welfare at the horse racing events; is virtually non-existent. Whipping the horse to go faster; pushing the horse to go beyond what it is actually capable off and inflicting pain onto the animal leaving painful welts behind & psychologically damaging the horse, despite the changes made to this issue; it is still a problem. Why is this still acceptable in 2017?! Animal Welfare needs to be considered more at these disgusting events. Or even better be shut down!

If the trainers were motivated by feelings of humanity instead of profit their horses would never go near a racetrack. But isn’t it hypocritical when they say that the most important thing is that their horses come back safe and sound; yet a slight injury and they put the horse down; when it gets slower and can’t race anymore they simply toss the horse to the side and use it for breeding purposes- forever trapped in a stable.

If people would think about the consequences that faces the horses about the cruelty that is involved in this industry, they would then think twice before placing that bet on the horse racing. No horse deserves a death sentence for some cash.

You Bet. They Die- Save a horse today DON’T participate.

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