Top Attractions in Paris

Paris; the city of love and romance. It is popular among many travellers because of the beauty of the city. From the iconic landmarks, architecture, art, culture, even through to Disneyland. Paris is the tourist capital of France with over 30 million visitors a year [according to 2013 figures- however since the awful attacks tourism has dropped to 20 million- I am here to show you that the city is still beautiful, you NEED to visit] from being in the cosmopolitan city myself I fell in love with the city as soon as I arrived; I’m sure you would as well. Although I only spent 5 days in the area; I did visit a lot of the tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower however there were a few I was saddened by that I couldn’t get to visit them at the time such as the Paris Catacombs. If and when I were to return, this will be right at the top of the to-do-list.

I’m sharing with you guys top attractions in Paris that I believe are worth the visit while you are staying in the beautiful city of love. I guarantee you’ll be mesmerised by the stunning city.

  1. Eiffel Tower

Of course you cannot come to Paris and not see this iconic landmark that has become the world symbol for Paris; since it was built in 1889. The structure of this build is incredible, one to see for sure. I’m not scared of heights so I did do the climb to the top wow the view from the top of this 324m tall tower was breath taking; and not just because you’re up that high! Viewing Paris from a height was stunning what a beautiful city is it.


2. Arc de Triomphe

Another iconic monument in Paris is the Arc de Triomphe; it stands tall at about 50m. Many people go here to see the beauty of the arch. It is a monument dedicated to and honours the soldiers who fought in the French Revolution & Napoleonic war and sadly died; there is also a tomb beneath which honours the soldiers who fought and died in the first world war. This landmark is stunning & pretty busy as it is in the centre of a roundabout. But honestly is was wonderful to see & I highly recommend you see it.

3. The Louvre Museum

This museum is one of the largest in Europe & hosts over 30,000 pieces of art & sculptures throughout history from the middle ages, to Da Vinci. Of course one of the most famous paintings here is the Mona Lisa painted by the man himself Leonardo Da Vinci, a beautiful painting it is. The museum itself opened in 1793 on 10th August to be exact; how exciting it was to know that a world famous museum opened on my birthday only 204 years pre-my birth but still interesting nevertheless. I loved the Louvre Pyramid which acts as a window to the museum which lies beneath the glass pyramid. Isn’t the Pyramid pretty?!


4. Stade de France

While I was staying in Paris; we just had to visit the sixth largest stadium in Europe is France’s national stadium, it hosts the rugby, football, competitions and even concerts. The capacity of this stadium is over 80,000-that is a lot of people. But lucky for us on the tour, we got it to ourselves! Look how pretty it is. Imagine sitting here watching the football with your friends drinking a pint & eating some chips! Tours of this Stadium last about 90 minutes and they run throughout the year From April to August English tours 11am & 2pm and from September to March tours are at 2pm. You do have to book them so you do that over on the official website:

state de france.jpg

5. The River Seine

Take a walk along the River Seine- just like they did in that ABBA song ‘Our Last Summer’ or go one better and take a boat trip along the river; a way to experience Paris from a different angle, You will see all 37 bridges crossing the river; did you know that only 5 are pedestrianized though? How cool! Definitely worth the trip to do this; while in the city. I absolutely loved cruising down the river in the boat- there are many different kinds of tours you can do and the website Seine-Cruises offers a range of them to choose from; I would recommend you check them out.

6. Disneyland Paris

Of course this magical land had to be included in my list; right, who wouldn’t include it?! Every Disney lover in Europe- or the world has to go here at least once in their lives. I loved this theme park so much that I didn’t want to leave! Although very popular that the park is, waiting in queues would have been a nightmare if we didn’t take the fast track passes- a friend told me once she waited 2 hours in line for Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Quest. Now that is crazy. But nevertheless worth it! Visiting the park, seeing the Disney Castle really makes you feel like the Princess you’ve always wanted to be. I did feel like I was at home in this place, maybe becoming a Disney Princess is my calling!


Hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s post; have you visited Paris before? What was your favourite tourist attraction? Although I only wrote about 6 places; there is so much in this beautiful city to see & do. I enjoyed eating in the French bakeries a lot. Best place in the world for a Baguette or Croissant.. Oui Oui! Shopping in the Fashion capital of the world is another thing a lot of people do. If and when I do go back like I mentioned at the start of this post- the Catacombs is at the top of my list. Have you visited this place before? Let me know in the comments what you thought of them.

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2 thoughts on “Top Attractions in Paris

  1. You know I haven’t been to Europe, but I really love this guide to Paris. I’ve never been that interested in going there compared to some other major cities in Paris, but I had forgotten all about the amazing architecture and the museum that is within the actual city. Let’s not forget about Disney! I’m obsessed with anything Disney, and I forgot they had a location in Paris. Another reason to visit this city. Great post. Deff moved Paris up in the list of places to visit in Europe xxx

    Melina |


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