The Holy Grail of Skincare

Yes you read the title right! I have found the secret to beautiful radiant skin we all have been looking for. And I intend to share everything about it with you! So the name of this magically company is Nilotic. They are an American based skincare company creating pots of holy grail for everyone around …

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Horse Racing is Animal Abuse

Most people regard horse racing as a harmless sport in which the animals are willing participants who thoroughly enjoy themselves. The truth is that, behind the scenes, lays a story of immense suffering. As you all know I am against using animals for human entertainment so of course I would be opposed to the Grand …

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Unnecessary use of animals in new fivers!

The new five pound note released in September in the United Kingdom gained a lot of publicity and everyone gained an interest in them because they are tough,they don't tear. And you can put them through the washing machine and they will survive. Although the problem lies within the fact they contain animal fat. Unacceptable-  There is …

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