Why I am Vegan


If you haven’t noticed already I’m Leigh, a Northern Irish girl with a love for the Environment and life.

 Ghandi’s quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is a popular one but also very true! Feeling a deep connection to the Earth we live on throughout my life it has always been within me to try be that change.
I was on eco-schools team in primary school, did litter pick-ups a lot. Then in high school I decided to use waste products to do my projects in Geography class; with sweet wrappers I created bracelets and necklaces, of course it was a success. When I had to switch schools I got offered the chance to help run a environmental club for younger students, this was a great experience with activities to help the environment and develop people’s awareness of the issues such as climate change and carbon footprints.

However I found calling myself an Environmentalist and an animal lover a bit hypocritical when I was still putting “meat” on my plate at meal times. I just had to change this! I turned vegetarian cutting out all meat and fish from my diet, while doing this I did some research on the vegan lifestyle and found some amazing facts that is normally hidden from us (its like being blind to the truth for their own profits) I finally woke up to the truth!

The industry of animal agriculture I lived off growing up is one of the largest causes of climate change (causing 51% of greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere) Why was eating meat so much more important than saving our planet?! I also found out that the vegan diet was much more sustainable for the environment (plant-based diet requires 1/3 less land for crops than that of a “meat-eating” diet.) I started slowly removing all animal products from my diet AND life completely.

I save 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grains, 30 sq.ft of forests, 20Ibs of CO2 and ONE animal EVERYDAY! You could say I’m a superhero for the animals and the Environment!

My diet is different everyday!

I do have a range of grasses to choose from! How lucky am I?  A typical day in my diet usually looks like a lot of huge fruit smoothies, pancakes, LOTS of greens and a giant dinner consisting of veggies, carbs and salads. If you want to see for yourself what a vegan typically eats in a day check out my What I Eat in a Day series.

It’s all good filling my body with whole foods, eating a nutritional balanced vegan diet and eating it regularly with NO restrictions (other than the no animal by-products) we will all be healthy and saving the world if we all did the same!.. What is stopping you from making the switch now?

If you have any questions feel free to message me or drop me some comments on my posts. I am happy to answer any queries; contact & follow me on my social media below:

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